Work Planning, Communications and Project Listing




Work planning and Communications ongoing

Time Frame


1 FRSC Annual meeting July/ AugustEach year. Open to the general public. An opportunity to communicate with our members and to the general public. Meet the requirements of a not-for-profit corporation.
2 Board of Directors meetings 6 to 10 per year To develop and review our work plan and projects. To hear and comment on committee reports. To evaluate and prioritize projects.
3 Committee Meetings Meet as needed and ongoing until project completion. Committees move projects forward and report their progress to the board. Committees are responsible to obtain volunteers and funding for their projects.
4 Communications Ongoing A communications committee prepares our various communications such as newspaper articles, flyers and mail outs, road signage, etc.
5 Fundraising Ongoing 5a) With the support and assistance of the board members continue our efforts to ensure the funding required is available to complete our planned projects.5b) Review the need for a liaison person.5c) Over $15,000 was raised over and above our membership fees to complete our various projects.
6 Prepare a template funding request Complete in 2013 Prepare a funding request template on major projects that we can simply carbon copy to specific funding requests.
7 Municipal Advisory Group Ongoing Provide quarterly update to our local municipal council on issues affecting water quality and our fisheries and recommending possible course of action.
8 Lagoon Project Ongoing 8a) Continue to monitor the OCWA operation of the Noëlville Lagoon system.8b) Provide alternative ideas to minimize the impact on receiving waters.









Time Frame


1.1 Water Quality Testing and further analysis of problem areas. 2013 and beyond. 1.1a) To press for more detailed sludge sampling with the MOE; in Wolseley Bay and the lower French.1.1b) To conduct sampling on the small creek that empties into Green Bay to assess the impact of local farming activities with respect to E-coli and nutrient loading.1.1c) Follow up on MOE and SDHU inspection requests.1.1d) Prepare a plan for continued water quality monitoring. Plan to be prepared in 2013 and commenced in 2014 with trained volunteer samplers.1.1e) Prepare a water quality report card for areas of the French River as per our sampling work done to date.
1.2 Student and Public educational programs Ongoing 1.2 a) Student involvement projects partner with local schools.1.2 b) Complete a shoreline rehabilitation project and assess the success.1.2 c) Provide bilingual presentations to the public on our projects.
1.3 Tree planting project Ongoing Continue our liaison with VALE Canada personnel
1.4 Continue to review the MNR deliverables for the French River fishery Ongoing Obtain comments and concerns from the general public and from our members. Provide this input to and work with local MNR personnel to improve our fisheries.
1.5 Murdock River spawning site rebuild In conjunction with the bridge rebuild. Expected in 2013 Work with the MNR and the contractor doing the work to complete the rehabilitation plan of this spawning site that was developed with the assistance of MNR personnel.
1.6 Murdock River access site In conjunction with the bridge rebuild Ensure a proper access launch is prepared on the north east side of the new bridge as per previous reports issued to engineering firm and MNR.
1.7 Spawning site rehabilitation Ongoing Review which sites need further work in 2013.
1.8 Review the status of the new spawning sites located below Ouellette Rapids Ongoing 1.7 a) Review the site for spawning activity and material addition requirements.1.7b)  Determine the need for additional bed development and if needed arrange for MNR approval, etc.
1.9 Invasive species Eurasian water milfoil management. Review the possibility of a study project 2014 Review with MNR and other government agencies the potential for a pilot study.



Projects that the FRSC has completed in the last few years

Time Frame


A Become a not-for-profit organization 2007 Complete all legal and other requirements and documentation; August 2007.
B 4-year Water Quality Sampling Project 2007 – 2010The FRSC issued reports in the years 2010,11,12,13 Complete a four year sampling project of 12 to 16 sample locations along the entire length of the French River. Sampled each site 3 to 6 times each year using volunteers. This project involved 8 volunteers and over 240 man hours.Our partner with the ministry of the Environment was the Lake Partners Program. The FRSC reported results to the community, our members and to local and provincial authorities in early 2010, 2011 and 2013. In these reports we identify possible problem areas, determine most likely causes and began to take or recommend remedial action.
C Noëlville Lagoon Project 2008 to 2012 – Issued report to the Municipal council in 2011, 22 and 13. Reviewed the current operation of the lagoons. Completed a pilot test project at the lagoon site. Provide results and recommendations to the municipality. We continue to monitor progress and results.

D Tree planting projects 2010,2011,2012 Various Tree planting projects were completed each year. Locations: French River Visitors Centre, Municipal landfill site entrance. Free tree day at the area schools.

E Review the MNR deliverables for the French River fishery. Ongoing Obtain comments and concerns from the general public and from our members. Provide this input to and work with local MNR personnel to improve our fisheries.
F Took over the FWIN project input from the resorts group Completed in 2011 The FRSC took over the FWIN projects of the MNR in our waterways with respect to local group involvement.Project funding to come from the MNR



Projects that the FRSC has completed in the last few years

Time Frame


G Conduct Walleye spawning site evaluations for 2010 rehabilitation priorities. Completed in the spring of 2010 Visit spawning sites in the central section of the river from Ouellette Rapids to Dry Pine Bay. Seek all required approvals with proper documentation for planned rehabilitation work.
H Walleye Spawning bed rehabilitation project site #1 Bell Island. Completed in August of 2011. Clean and rehabilitate the site. Inspect the following year for spawning activity.
I Walleye Spawning bed rehabilitation site #2 Lower and Upper Sturgeon. Completed in 2011. Remove the beaver dam. Rehabilitate the site. Call for trapper to remove the beavers.
J Walleye Spawning site #3 below Meshaw Falls Completed in 2011 Remove debris and clean the site.
K Walleye spawning site #4 near Ouellette Rapids Completed and funded for 2012 Clean and install two spawning sites.
L Review the impact of the Murdock River Bridge replacement project on the original spawning bed site and request the rebuilding of the site as part of the bridge project. Completed in the Spring of 2010. Construction project agreed to include our work request in 2012 Meeting was held with local residents and resort owners. Comments were issued to the engineering firm responsible. Follow-up quarterly. FRSC requested a proper rebuilding of the spawning bed be included in the project work.
M Provide volunteers and donate funding to local fish hatcheries. Ongoing based on our operating budget. To date provided 3 donations totaling $1400.
N Communications projects Ongoing Regular newspaper articles, posters, road signage on Hwy. 607.  Meetings with local businesses.


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Projects for FRSC 2012


Continue to monitor phosphate hot spots on the French River and determine causes and possible remedies.

Continue with spawning bed rehabilitation and dam removals.

Tree Planting:
Continue to plant buffer zone around Municipal Landfill site with community partners.

Continue to improve communication and environmental education to the general public through media and public meetings.

Shore Line Restoration:
Start a new program of shoreline restoration using flower bed plants to filter runoff to the French River.

Community Partnerships:
Continue to foster partnerships with local high school École Secondaire de la Rivière-des-Français, MOE, MNR, Municipality, Businesses and other Environmental Stewardships.

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January 2010 update

January 2010

Fisheries Management

The Ministry of Natural Resources completed the sampling of fish from 3 parts of the river as planned in November

Detailed information from this study will be available early in 2010 – stay tuned.

We thank the MNR for their support and continuing efforts to help improve the fishing experience on our river.

The Stewardship council will begin to study identified spawning sites in late April and then develop and implement activities to rehabilitate or enhance these locations.

New Web Site…..

We now have a new web site containing much more information about our activities, our volunteers, and our projects.

The site includes a ‘members only’ section where we post copies of our membership meeting minutes and other material for the exclusive use of our membership.

Members will receive ‘how to access’ information in a mailing early in 2010.

Please visit us frequently as we will update the information on a regular basis.

Lagoon Project

We are pleased to report that the Municipality has requested a Sudbury engineering firm to prepare a septage plan. The primary purpose of the septage plan is to provide a tool and source information for determining total septage generated currently, current system capacity, future 20 year treatment capacity needs, and how these needs can be best met.

The study will also look at minimizing effluent impact on receiving waters. Although only a first step, we see this as a positive and proactive beginning.

Water Sampling and blue green algae

In the fall of this year we completed the third year of our three year sampling project. The project saw volunteers collect over 180 samples during the spring to fall period. The results of our 2009 samples are expected from the Ontario Lake Partner Program by April of 2010 at which time we will issue a final report. A select few sample sites will be continued in areas where water quality and blue green algae blooms are of concern.  Finding solutions to these critical water issues will require support from all government levels and the local community. Please plan to attend our public and members meeting this summer for a more complete update on our efforts to date.

Thank You

You Stewardship Council thanks all those who have supported us through memberships and donations and hard work. We encourage you to contact us with questions and suggestions, to learn more about our waterways and ways you can help to improve our water quality.

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Projects – November 2008

As winter approaches and our water turns to ice, your Stewardship Council is busy preparing for some activities in 2009.

Water testing was completed at 14 locations on the French River in 2008 and samples were taken from early in April to mid October – at least 5 times from most locations, some as many as 9 times.

A more comprehensive testing program was also undertaken for 2 locations in Ranger Bay as we recognized the heavier population density and felt we should try and get more data from this area.

As we receive the results of this program, we expect to have a better understanding of our current water quality levels, can compare this year’s findings with previous data, and begin to see some trends in the changes, specifically in the level of phosphates in the water.

At least one more year of similar testing will be needed to establish solid base line measurements throughout our system.

Over the winter we are busy planning the following:

Tree planting rogram with the local schools for late May or early June 2009.

More comprehensive testing program for the river system for 2009

Education program about the various logos used to identify products used in your home and garden

Proceeding with Incorporation as a charitable organization – targeting to have this in place for the 2009

Plans for the 2009 Public Meeting – will be held in July!!

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