French River Stewardship Council Fisheries Report

June 2012

In 2010 The FRSC fisheries committee identified theNorth Channelas a priority for our Pickerel rehabilitation projects. Specifically the area of the North Channel from Oulette rapids toMeshawFallswas identified. In 2010 tours of this area were completed with MNR personnel and a three year plan was put in place.

Once all approvals were in place work began in 2011. During July and August the FRSC fisheries committee completed the cleaning of four spawning bed sites but as water levels were quite low two of our sites will be monitored this spring for additional cleaning this year.

At the lower Sturgeon the beaver dams were removed and in cooperation with our local trapper the nuisance beavers were removed.

Our 2012 plans include the complete construction of a new spawning bed southwest of the Oulette rapids and the cleaning of other sites as needed. $7,598 in funding for these projects has been received and committed thanks to the MNR, the Sudbury East Economic Development Partners, The Alban and Noelville Chaise Populaire.

Our 2013 plans currently include the rebuilding of the Murdock river site atDryPineBay. This work is of course dependent upon the schedule for the bridge replacement. The FRSC is on the Engineering Firms list to contact so we can plan accordingly.

A more detailed presentation of our activities and plans will be presented at our annual meeting in July, please plan to attend.


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River to Plate Fish Seminar

River to Plate Fish Seminar

Sponsored by the Ministry of Natural Resources North Bay

Supported by the French River Stewardship Council

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Alban Community Centre

Dokis First Nation Elders Video Presentation


Traditional Fishery

Presented by Randy Restoule, Dokis First Nation

Community and Economic Development Officer


Traditional Fishery Project 42

Presented by Norm Dokis, MNR Resource Liaison Officer


The Science of Fish Recovery

Presented by George Morgan, Fishery Biologist for French River Management Plan



Blind Taste Tests

Fish Cleaning Demonstrations

Traditional Recipes

A fun, interesting evening for family & friends!

Learn how to clean different species of fish and enjoy some samples

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January 2010 update

January 2010

Fisheries Management

The Ministry of Natural Resources completed the sampling of fish from 3 parts of the river as planned in November

Detailed information from this study will be available early in 2010 – stay tuned.

We thank the MNR for their support and continuing efforts to help improve the fishing experience on our river.

The Stewardship council will begin to study identified spawning sites in late April and then develop and implement activities to rehabilitate or enhance these locations.

New Web Site…..

We now have a new web site containing much more information about our activities, our volunteers, and our projects.

The site includes a ‘members only’ section where we post copies of our membership meeting minutes and other material for the exclusive use of our membership.

Members will receive ‘how to access’ information in a mailing early in 2010.

Please visit us frequently as we will update the information on a regular basis.

Lagoon Project

We are pleased to report that the Municipality has requested a Sudbury engineering firm to prepare a septage plan. The primary purpose of the septage plan is to provide a tool and source information for determining total septage generated currently, current system capacity, future 20 year treatment capacity needs, and how these needs can be best met.

The study will also look at minimizing effluent impact on receiving waters. Although only a first step, we see this as a positive and proactive beginning.

Water Sampling and blue green algae

In the fall of this year we completed the third year of our three year sampling project. The project saw volunteers collect over 180 samples during the spring to fall period. The results of our 2009 samples are expected from the Ontario Lake Partner Program by April of 2010 at which time we will issue a final report. A select few sample sites will be continued in areas where water quality and blue green algae blooms are of concern.  Finding solutions to these critical water issues will require support from all government levels and the local community. Please plan to attend our public and members meeting this summer for a more complete update on our efforts to date.

Thank You

You Stewardship Council thanks all those who have supported us through memberships and donations and hard work. We encourage you to contact us with questions and suggestions, to learn more about our waterways and ways you can help to improve our water quality.

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Fishing on the French River – November 2009

Fishing on the French River

Your Stewardship Council is in the process of assuming the activities and responsibilities of the French River Community Fisheries Advisory Committee (FRCFA)

The FRCFA was formed in 1992 by combining a couple of other groups that were working to understand and enhance the status of fishing on the river.

For the last 18 years, the FRCFA has been very active and working diligently with the Ministry of Natural Resources, the various lodges on the river, cottagers, and many local residents in this endeavour.

In 1993 a plan was built to support the natural stocking of the river specifically with Pickerel, but also improving the breeding habitat for Pike and Bass.  This included the implementation of restricted harvesting of fish stocks through implementation and  management of the slot size and reduction of creel limits

The next step of this plan is underway this fall and as you are reading this, a netting program is being implemented by the MNR in all parts of the river to enable the team to determine the level of success of their plan.

For this purpose, the river is divided into 4 sections as follows:

Eastern is from the Dokis Reserve to the Cedar Rapids

Eighteen Mile Bay is from Cedar Rapids to Meeshaw Falls, including Ranger Bay

Central is the main channel, the south side of Eighteen Mile Island to Recollet Falls, including Dry Pine Bay

Western is from Recollet Falls to the Delta

The complete details and results of this program will be presented in the spring of 2010.

Also at that time, your Stewardship council will form a project committee to continue this work and ensure that we not only maintain but continue to improve the fishing experience on our river.


We all owe the folks of the FRCFA a great THANK YOU for their efforts of the last 18 years or so.  When they began this program, fish stocks in the river were in serious decline and we were about to lose our reputation as a primary tourist destination.

A series of studies, both informal and scientific were conducted to enable the team to better understand the then current stocking level in all part of the river.  Individual surveys were done with tourists, residents, commercial businesses and the results compiled to provide a solid data base for the committee.

The plan called for continued monitoring of the fish population to ensure goals were being met.  While the results differed on different parts of the river, all sections showed significant improvement over the test period.

As the program continues its journey to its planned conclusion, we need to make sure we keep up the good work and bring the fish habitat back to all sections of the river to ensure they breed and multiply in a natural environment

Under the guidance of the MNR and the Stewardship Council, the new committee with be charged with identifying all existing and potential spawning sites, ensuring the sites are clean and being used in the spawning season, and implementing whatever enhancements are required to expand the natural reproduction cycles.

The committee will call on our members for assistance and direction.  Funding will be an important part of the program as we will need resources to implement this work.

We will continue to bring you more information in the next edition of the French River Today

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