Annual General Meeting

French River Stewardship Council

Annual General Meeting

When:     Sunday July 29th, 2018

Time:       1:00 pm

Where:    French River Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

24 Delamere Road, Alban, ON     (Rear Door)


French River Water Quality Report

Financial Update

Election of Officers

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Report and Analysis of Water Quality 2017

June 2017

Submitted by Joe Dippong


 The 2016 sampling of 18 points along both the North and Main channels showed fairly significant improvements in Total Phosphorus levels compared to the 2007 to 2010 sampling project. Calcium concentrations and water clarity have remained fairly constant and present no concerns at this time.

Although Total Phosphorus levels improved, through local observations, we noted some areas of algae blooms. Although the 2016 year blooms were less dominant than prior years, they do require a review of our Report Card criteria which we plan to complete in 2017. This review may shift results to a more stringent criterion for the “A” Report Card rating in future years.

Looking at the actual results, a decrease in Total Phosphorus concentration was noted in 12 of 13 sample locations with 1 location showing comparable results to prior years. Although these results are encouraging we note that a one year sampling period is not a sufficient period of time to state with certainty any verifiable findings. Our current analysis of these results is provided in the comments section of the raw data report.

The actual raw numbers and current Report Card are attached to this cover letter.

Copies of this report will be sent for peer review as well as be posted on our website for comment.


Ratings Legend: All readings based on ug/L (micro grams per litre) of Phosphorus.

A – Average 12 or lower with no results over 20.

B – Average 15 or lower with no more than 20% of then results over 20.

C – Average 15 or lower with more than 20% of results over 20.

D – Average 15 or higher.

F – Average 20 or higher.

The sampling data used was mainly from our work with the MOE lake partner program.

The FRSC’s Target is to get all areas of our river to an “A” rating.


                                                                                                                   2007-2010         2016

Lake Nipissing outflow into the French River



Upper French outflow



North Channel below Ouellette Rapids



William’s Bay

New site


Near Test Creek at Moonlight Bay Rd & Voyageur Rd.

New site


Ranger Bay at lower Sturgeon



Ranger Bay outlet



Cow Bay



Stoner’s point

New site


Above Meshaw Falls



Above Stoney Rapids

New site


Dry Pine Bay near Murdock River



Dry Pine Bay at Baker’s Bay



Dry Pine Bay at village

New site


Main Channel at Crooked Rapids



Main Channel at Dry Pine Bay



Lower French at Ox Bay



Wanapitei River outflow into the French River



The FRSC would like to thank all those contributing time and moneys to these worthwhile projects.

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Annual General Meeting July 24th, 2016

Time:    1:00 pm

Where:   Alban Medical Clinic, 24 Delamere Rd. Alban – Entrance at rear of building

Mark your calendar

 If you are not a paid member for 2016, and would like to attend and have voting privileges, you may come to the meeting and pay your $25.00 membership at the meeting.


  • PowerPoint Presentation on FRSC projects.

  • MOECC – Ministry of Environment & Climate Change – water sampling.

  • MNRF – Ministry Natural Resources & Forestry – Youth Rangers Program.

  • Presentation by Dr. April James, with Nipissing University’s Integrative Watershed Research Centre on ‘Isotopes of Oxygen’.
  • To receive and consider the financial statements.

  • Election of Officers.

 An opportunity to discuss your concerns and chat with the Stewardship Council members directly.

 The French River Stewardship Council is a non-profit corporation dedicated to environmental protection in the French River watershed.

 Email Address:


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Fall Walleye Index Netting Survey

October 29th,  2013

Fall Walleye Index Netting Surve

The French River Stewardship Council with the assistance from the Ministry of Natural Resources was able to seek a grant to carry out a  Fall Walleye Index Netting (FWIN) program on the French River. The total budget committed to the program was in the amount of  $37,000.

The main objective of an index netting survey is to assess the relative abundance of a fish stock and provide other biological measures  or indicators of the target population’s status. Standard methods and protocols for the collection of biological information are  followed. Biologists randomly select sampling sites, overnight sets of multi-mesh gillnets are put in place, done in the fall when surface  water temperature is between 15°C and 10°C, set duration 24 hours at a depth of 2 to 5 metres and 5 to 15 metres.

Field procedures involve setting the nets, lift the nets the following day, processing the catch, and record the data. Post field activities  involve processing the collected fish tissues; data management and biological information is recorded followed by a detailed report.  The report is expected to be completed by mid-2014 along with its recommendations.

The survey of the netting program was done on the French River North Channel waterbodies i.e. Wolseley Bay, Eighteen Mile Bay,  Ranger Bay, Cow Bay, Meshaw Falls and Hartley Bay.

We wish to thank Hartley Bay Marina, Moonlight Bay Cottages, Ministry of Natural Resources and the biologists for their contribution for the study.

The French River Stewardship Council will endeavour to inform the public and make plans for a public meeting early summer 2014 with a presentation by the MNR biologist.


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Tree Planting at the Noëlville Landfill Site

Letter of recognition from Municipality (more…)

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River to Plate Fish Seminar

River to Plate Fish Seminar

Sponsored by the Ministry of Natural Resources North Bay

Supported by the French River Stewardship Council

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Alban Community Centre

Dokis First Nation Elders Video Presentation


Traditional Fishery

Presented by Randy Restoule, Dokis First Nation

Community and Economic Development Officer


Traditional Fishery Project 42

Presented by Norm Dokis, MNR Resource Liaison Officer


The Science of Fish Recovery

Presented by George Morgan, Fishery Biologist for French River Management Plan



Blind Taste Tests

Fish Cleaning Demonstrations

Traditional Recipes

A fun, interesting evening for family & friends!

Learn how to clean different species of fish and enjoy some samples

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Community Partnership for the Environment

November 2011

Community Partnership for the Environment

The French River Stewardship Council held its fourth annual “Plant a Tree for the Environment ” day. This year we are proud to say that once again the community supported the event. The directors would like to thank the following supporters and volunteers for their help:

Vale :

Members of the Environmental Group at Vale. They have provided the French River Stewardship Council with seedling trees for the last four years. This year they provided us with 600 White Spruce and 600 Red Pine seedlings.

Municipality of French River:

Public Works who cleared a buffer zone in front of the municipal landfill site for the planting of the trees. They also provided the students with tools and material.

École Secondaire de la Rivière-des-Français:

The students and teachers, who with great enthusiasm planted all the trees in less than 2 hours. The students then policed the area around the landfill site picking up blown debris. Their concern for the environment is important for future generations. Their willingness to work for the betterment of the community is an inspiration to all.

Caisse Populaire de Noëlville Ltée:

Jean-Serge Pharand, General Manager for volunteering to assist the students in the planting of the trees. He was quick to roll up his sleeves and go to work.

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