Tree Planting

Free Tree Giveaway  May 2009

Once again VALE INCO will be supporting the French River Stewardship Council in their annual plant a tree along the watershed to protect the French River. They will be providing the FRSC with 2500 seedlings. This year will be better than last year. The program schedule will be as follows:

May Giveaway:

  • May 25 The municipalities of French River and St. Charles will be receiving 500 trees each from the FRSC for a municipal plant a tree for the environment day.
  • May 27 The FRSC will be supporting a field trip and BBQ for Monetville Public School. The students will be taking a field trip to the 69 Visitor Park to plant trees and tour the Visitor Center.
  • May 29 The FRSC will be supporting St. Antoine Elementary School field trip and BBQ. They will be taking a field trip to Mashkinonje Park & the 69 Visitor Park to plant trees. They will also tour the Visitor Center.
  • May 30 The FRSC members will be handing out free trees to the public in the Noelville Church Parking Lot and at the Alban Community Center Parking Lot.

The FRSC will be seeking new memberships at 25/year.

Planting a tree along the shoreline of your property not only enhances the beauty of your property but also helps the environment. The tree top provides shade and oxygen as well as protection for birds. The roots absorb phosphorus and nutrients before they reach the river and feed the blue/green algae.

Please do not remove weeds from your shoreline as they too are filters for the river. They are also a natural classroom for your children & grandchildren to study nature (damsel flies, frogs, tadpoles and minnows). They will filter nutrients from the water and provide a natural habitat to fish. People in town pay an enormous amount of money to have a pond in their back yard. You have one that does not cost you anything. Please leave the weeds on the shoreline and enjoy nature!

Submitted by Ron Garbutt

Here are some photos of our students at work:


French River Stewardship Council