Municipal Advisory

Here is the presentation delivered to the French River Municipality in May of 2009.

French River Water Quality Stewardship Council[1]

and this letter was sent as follow up

To: The French River Municipal Council

From: The French River Stewardship Council                             May 24, 2009

On behalf of the French River Stewardship Council I would like to express our appreciation to the Municipal Council and Municipality for the opportunity of giving our presentation on May 6th of this year.

As noted during this presentation the FRSC is offering to act as an advisory body to address concerns involving environmental issues pertaining to our section of the French River watershed. Forthcoming Legislation such as the Clean Water Act and changes to the Ontario building code will require a more diligent Municipal approach to water stewardship. The FRSC offers technical skills and resources to assist the Council in responding to these future challenges.

As a water stewardship advisory body, the FRSC would expect council and the municipality to inform us of any issues where our input would be beneficial. It is understood that the municipality has the final decision making role.

The FRSC is also prepared to provide the Municipal Council with quarterly updates on our water stewardship activities and projects.

We look forward to your reply.

Yours Truly:

Joe Dippong BA Economics BSc. Engineering

President of the FRSC