Communication Policy

1)      E-mails will only be sent to those who have given permission.

2)      Membership information is to remain confidential.

3)      Communication will consist of relevant news items, activities, project status and notice of Membership renewal date.

4)      When appropriate, articles will be released as part of the educational programme.

5)      Articles will respect the approved font standards, template header and footer Appendix A

6)      Articles from sources outside of the French River Stewardship Council (FRSC) will be fully accredited.

7)      Articles will be approved by the Executive before being released.

8)      Data collected by the FRSC will be released after being approved by the Executive.

9)      The President or designate is the spokesperson for the FRSC.

10)   All Executive Meetings are open to the public.

11)   Notice of location and time of Executive Meetings and the Annual General Meeting will be posted on the FRSC website.


 Last update: April 2015

Appendix A: FRSC Publication Standards

French River Stewardship Council

Communications Committee


Font Sizes to be used for FRSC publications

Unless otherwise stipulated by the publisher, please use the following:


Times New Roman

Font Size:

Headings:              18      Bold           Without Underline

Sub Headings:     14      Bold           Without Underline

Text:                       12


Original Signed by:

FRSC President _________________________   Date __________________


Last Update: April 2015