Board of Directors

The French River Stewardship Council

The FRSC is a not for profit organization made up of persons who:

  • Have current paid memberships,
  • Have seats on the council through association memberships,
  • Or who are government officials.

Board of directors and officers:
The council currently has a board of directors with an elected president.  The current president will serve a one year term.  To ensure continuity other board members will serve up to a three year term with annual elections held during a regularly scheduled membership meeting.  The board will have positions available for 12 members.  The council board of directors will elect or appoint a council executive from the board of no less than five officers.  These officers will be responsible for the conduct of the council and its day to day business.  They will act as the council’s liaisons with all government officials.

The officers will include but not limited to:

  • A President
  • A Vice President
  • A Treasurer
  • A Secretary
  • A Science Officer
  • A Communication Officer

The council executive will from time to time appoint project teams to carry out specific projects.  These teams will complete a project review process and present their findings to the council executive for approval to proceed.  Future terms of office and duties will be developed as needed.

Council meetings that require a decision on financial and project matters will require a quorum of at least 50% plus one council board member.

Voting for board members:
All board members and other paid memberships will be eligible to vote at regular membership meetings.  Each membership entitles the member to one vote.